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As a Clinical Psychologist with over twenty years of experience within the NHS, I appreciate the importance of my role as a science practitioner.  Bringing science into practice enables new evidence from research to be directly applied to psychological assessment and treatment to ensure the most effective results for clients.




My current research interests include CBT treatment for self-harm and recently; the evaluation of dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) in treating borderline personality disorder in adolescents.  I am currently involved in a research project evaluating the use of my CBT manual, 'Cutting Down' for self-harm. Previous research work includes evidence for CBT for emotional problems, parental stress and ‘hard-to-manage’ preschoolers, and the evidence base for offender profiling.




  • I have published a book for clinicians who treat self-harm in adolescents: Lucy Taylor, Mima Simic and Ulrike Schmidt; Cutting Down: A CBT workbook for treating young people who self-harm, Routledge 2015. ISBN 978-0-415-62453-4

  • Taylor L, Oldershaw A, Richards C, Simic M, Schmidt U, Davidson K. (2011) Development and pilot evaluation of a manualised cognitive-behavioural treatment package for adolescent self-harm. Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy, Volume 39, Issue 05, October, pp 619-625

  • Taylor, L & Simic, M. How to cope in crisis; for parents (in preparation). MindEd e-learning, an educational resource on children and young people's mental health for all adults;

    Taylor, L & Smith K 2015 – Specialised Therapies. MindEd e-learning, an educational resource on children and young people's mental health for all adults;

    Ougrin, D., Tranah, T., Leigh, E., Taylor, L.,& Asarnow, J.R., April 2012 in Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry. 53, 4. Pages 337-350. Practitioner review: Self-harm in adolescents.

  • Oldershaw A, Grima E, Jollant F, Richards C, Simic M, Taylor L and Schmidt U. (2009) Decision making and problem solving in adolescents who deliberately self-harm. Psychological Medicine, 39: 95-104.

  • Poster Symposium: Maternal warmth and criticism and school adjustment for ‘Hard to manage’ children. Lancaster University, August 1998.

  • A multi-dimensional framework of rapists: implications for victim counselling. Presented at Beeches Management Centre, Bournville, Birmingham, May 1994. The BPS Division of Counselling Psychology 1st Annual Conference.

  • The Role of Offender Profiling in classifying rapists; Implications for counselling. Counselling Psychology Quarterly, Vol 6(4), 1993 (pp. 325-348).

  • Response to John Rowan’s article in Self & Society: ‘A view from the NHS’, Lucy Taylor (Vol 22 Nov 1994).

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