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Various packages can be delivered within schools


School-based mental health promotion programmes result in a broad range of improved outcomes, including reduced health risk behaviours, improved wellbeing, reduced depression, conduct disorder and anxiety, and improved social outcomes. I offer a number of different services for schools, including work with teaching staff, pupils and parents.  This list is not exhaustive and I design bespoke packages for each school.




Educational workshops and  INSET sessions, e.g. emotional and mental health in school, mindfulness, teacher stress, childhood development (what's normal and what to look out for), managing anxiety, depression, bereavement etc, and other specialist workshops. Consultation, supervision  and support to staff working with pupils of concern, or delivering mental health support in school.




  • PSHEE lessons (e.g. managing your emotions, exam stress, friendship issues, anger problems, building resilience, building confidence, assertiveness etc)

  • Mentor schemes

  • Bullying

  • Exam stress workshops

  • Mindfulness

  • CBT group programmes (e.g. anxiety)

  • Individual assessment and therapeutic work


Parents and carers


  • Supporting your child with exam pressure and the exam process

  • Transition to secondary school

  • Early detection of mental health problems (series for parents including anxiety, low mood and depression, OCD etc.)

  • Mindful parenting (how to feel less stressed as a parent and get the best from you and your child)




  • What is mental health?

  • What to look out for – mental health problems

  • Whole school approaches

  • Top tips - what can you do in the classroom

  • Emotions, emotional regulation and anxiety

  • CBT and Mindfulness

  • Risk and Resilience – how can school help?


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